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A GROUND-BREAKING AND TRULY UNPARALLELED TECHNOLOGY NOTHING COMPARES TO RESTORFX. RESTOR FX IS CHANGING TH E INDUSTRY BY RETURNING A VEHICLE’S PAINT BACK TO A FACTORY-QUALIT Y SHINE WITHOUT HIGH BODY SHOP COSTS OR LONG TURNAROUND TIMES. Completely restorative and  Permanent Superior results to traditional detailing A low-cost  alternative to repainting 100% satisfaction guaranteed Safe for the environment In reality, that stunning luster  starts to diminish as soon  as it leaves the lot. Quote UNPARALLELED TECHNOLOGY THE SYSTEM
PROTECTS AGAINST PERMANENTLY REMOVES Scratching UV fading Loss of shine Hard water etching Oxidation Road salt Tree sap Acid rain Scratches Swirls Scuffs Fading Road rash Rock chips Wizard Paint Repairs Copyright     2015 / 30 Isa Street, Fyshwick ACT Designed and Hosted by Ezy Graphiks Solutions